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We provide organizations and individuals with tools to measure and improve people’s ability to perform. 

Drawing on over 25 years of research, we are committed to helping people build on their strengths to become the best they can be.

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Thriving Mindset Leadership

The TML model is a strengths-based approach to influencing others. People are encouraged to explore how they can perform better in a way that makes them feel valued, meaningfully engaged, and empowered. The model invites people to think about their own mindset and how they affect those they work with or are responsible for. Each participant discovers what it means to see themselves as “at potential,” which gives them a roadmap to influencing others using a strengths-based approach. Participants learn how to help others embrace a mindset and a desire for growth that allows them to thrive.

Thriving Mindset Leadership (TML) is the most influential breakthrough in the development of organizational culture, leaders, and individuals since Emotional Intelligence.

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Onboard Education delivers tools, resources, and guidance to measure and build the character traits students and educators need to succeed. We share a process of working with staff and students that improves school culture from the inside out.

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Meritcore Resiliency Research Institute

Meritcore Resiliency Research Institute is a not-for-profit research and development “laboratory” that tests the great products we deliver and proves they really work.

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Thriving Mindset Leadership is the most influential breakthrough in organizational culture development, success focused leadership and individual development since Emotional Intelligence.

Randy Kay – TenorCorp

This workshop was a great start to the rest of our journey. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and supportive in our learning. We look forward to continuing to build a strength based culture.

Jeff Thompson

What I took away with me: Meet people where they are and walk with them, alongside. Have to ask the right questions. Be strengths-based; develop people's abilities to build on strengths. Foster positive reinforcement. Such amazing info for both professional and personal lives.

Participant, Toronto, Ontario

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